Salem, MA

I have an antique house from 1840 and I have learned that you need to hire workman that have the knowledge, craftsmanship and experience to handle these projects. Do it right the first time. Works has done many projects for me and we have another one planned for next month. They have the best quality workmanship and very professional.


Beverly, MA

We hired Jesse and his team to update our newly purchased home. We had a vision for what we wanted our house to look like, and the WORKS turned that dream into a reality. The outcome of this project far exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend the WORKS to anyone looking for top notch craftsmanship to transform your home.


Manchester, MA

I have had fine carpentry and painting completed by the WORKS. My standards are very high and the WORKS exceeded my expectations in completing a variety of tough jobs. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the workmanship and with the professionalism of the crew.


Beverly, MA

The guys were all very polite, courteous and work area was left really clean each day. Professional and would highly recommend them.


Gloucester, MA

The WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis team has been completing projects in our home since 2007. We have had major and minor repairs completed, including stripping and reinstalling ceilings and floors, replacing and improving insulation, installing carpet, structural repairs on the exterior of the home, and gutter maintenance. The team is excellent.


Gloucester, MA

The WORKS team were professional and hard working and were thorough at detecting unknown problems and fixing them the right way.

Susan A. Williams

Beverly Farms

WORKS by Jesse DeBendicitis has always provided expert work for my design projects. Jesse employs the most experienced crew... friendly and aware of the client's needs. The team works a project in the most efficient and noninvasive way, making the construction process less stressful for all!


Ipswich, MA

Jesse and his team did an extensive repair to our bathroom due to winter ice dam backup that damaged the bathroom and the adjacent bedroom. Their work was high quality and the individual team members were friendly and professional. We are very grateful for the work they did on our home.

Karl Damitz

Architect & Principal, FourFold Design

Details are important... As an architect, I work to achieve the desired aesthetic of each individual client. Jesse understands that the architect/builder/client relationship is a critical component to any successful design and construction process... Jesse is committed to getting the details right on each and every project which he takes up and accomplish.

Linda and Tom

Beverly, MA

We recently had several projects completed by WORKS, including new hardwood stairs, a new kitchen floor, a new door, and exterior rot work, and we are more than pleased with the outcome. Having a few different projects allowed us to meet many of the WORKS staff, and we can honestly say that each and every one of them were polite, reliable, professional, and truly cared about their work. Thanks to Jesse, Jeff, and their outstanding team for a job well done. We would highly recommend using WORKS to family and friends.


Construction Professional

I'm a construction professional with 37 years of experience. After having the opportunity to meet the staff I can confirm that WORKS by JD is without a doubt one of the elite construction companies in the area. I would not hesitate one second to have them work on my home.


Salem, MA

Jesse and crew just finished our kitchen remodel and we are just blown away! Results are beautiful AND they were on time and on budget! Every member of the crew is pleasant and professional. Plan to bring them back for our master bath remodel. We can not recommend WORKS more highly!!!


Danvers, MA

We are nearly finished with a major "freshening up" of our home interior, painting every room. We are retired seniors, and Mark and his crew have been thoughtful and accommodating to our need to stay in the home while they are working. Mark is the best! We have had contractors and so-called professionals in our home before, but never have we worked with someone so intent on minimizing the stress involved. We have also had other miscellaneous jobs done and been very pleased. The crews are skilled, professional, and easy to get along with. Thank you, Jesse, Mark, Artie, and crews!


Manchester By The Sea, MA

Jesse and his team are true professionals. From fencing, to new bathrooms and even building cellar stairs, Jesse is a perfectionist and a talented craftsman. The work site is left neat and clean at the end of every day. Even my dogs love Jesse! I highly recommend using Works!


An excellent team of true craftsmen. For those who wish to have quality in construction as well as design, WORKS is your team.


Jesse and his team are true professionals. From fencing, to new bathrooms and even building cellar stairs, Jesse is a perfectionist and a talented craftsman. The work site is left neat and clean at the end of every day. Even my dogs love Jesse! I highly recommend using Works!

Peter Athans

Jesse and his team do thorough, conscientious, excellent work time and time again.

Ron Brennan

Jesse and his team are extremely talented and true professionals!

Donna Reid

He did our living room and looks beautiful. He does an amazing job and would hire him again.

Sarah Kaull

Beverly, MA

Jesse and his team were professional, easy to work with, unobtrusive and did a spectacular job repairing and painting 6 rooms in our antique home. Jesse communicated about the status of the job and any issues or questions almost daily. I highly recommend the Works folks if you want an on-time, high quality work product.

Brendan O’Donoghue

Ebben Creek Architecture

I have worked on several projects with Jesse the past year ranging in size and complexity. His approach is professional & well managed with unsurpassed quality.


Swampscott, MA

Jesse called me in the evening on the same day I emailed him through Angie’s List, I described the job to him and texted him photos of the holes (I didn’t want to wait to get them filled, so I didn’t have him come out to the house to give me a quote, so instead he gave a tentative quote after seeing my photos--turned out the quote was completely accurate once the job was done). Mark came to my house the following morning, assessed the job, and began patching the holes (this included adding additional wood inside the wall, as well as the stuff to fill it (I don’t know the names for all these things, but I was looking over his shoulder much of the time because I was curious), plus mesh. Then he let it dry and sanded (and vacuumed). Then he matched paint colors and came back a few days later (there was a weekend in between) to paint. He was meticulous about the painting--every surface ended up perfectly smooth and, frankly, had I not known the holes had been cut out of the walls, I never would have believed they were ever there. I’ve hired other painters before--to paint the rooms of my house and apartments I’ve lived in, but these two little jobs were by far the smoothest patch and paint jobs I’ve ever seen, and I’m not surprised, because Mark really seemed to care about doing an excellent job, and it shows. He was also polite, friendly, and informative when I’d ask a zillion questions about what he was doing. He also carefully covered areas I wanted protected from dust while he sanded and at the end of the job, he vacuumed everything up. He also put a medicine cabinet back on to the wall for me. Jesse was also very friendly and helpful on the phone and via text, which I really appreciate. Hiring people to help me take care of my house is one of my least favorite things to do, but these guys made it a pleasure. Plus, the work is EXCELLENT. They charge hourly plus materials--which some people say ends up being more expensive. But I have to say, having the work done thoroughly and well by guys who actually care about doing excellent work makes it worth the price for me. I’m really happy with the patching and painting job and I will definitely be hiring them again. Jesse also followed up after the job was done to see how it went--which was much appreciated too!


Ipswich, MA

(WORKS did) a lot of clean up items to ready our house for sale, including fixing plaster walls, re-tiling a bathroom and other things... Jesse provides outstanding customer service and quality of work.


South Hamilton, MA

Two different projects – one to repair leaking stall shower, and one to finish basement into “man cave”. Jesse is great and his staff is great. Very professional and excellent work.

Arri Anna

Beverly, MA

Jesse and his crew are wonderful to work with! After numerous quotes from other contractors, Jesse made it simple and cost effective. We were also under a time constraint and he got to work right away. Each crew member removed their shoes and carefully placed drop clothes. They were extremely careful with extra dust as our son has terrible allergies. He has a tremendous attention to detail and produces high quality work. We were more than pleased with the results! Jesse and his crew will move with us wherever we go! Overall outstanding company to work with.


Lexington, MA

Jesse was responsive and knowledgeable from the get go. He quickly got back to me to schedule a free estimate. During the estimate we discussed the scope of the work. Jesse did a good job of letting me know what to expect while sharing options to help keep cost’s down. The work was completed on time and on budget. Everything looked great. Given my experience, I highly recommend the provider. I will definitely be hiring him again in the future.


Manchester, MA

Jesse and his crew did excellent work and were very professional.  They kept me up to date during the job.  Took approximately 2 days and they did an great job.  Total price came in under original quote.  I’ll definitely use them in the future.


Manchester, MA

With WORKS, you respect us clients in every way. You give us daily access to progress photos online, have an office that responds to all phone calls, and have project managers who talk us clients through the plan, on a daily basis even, if necessary. Also, you read and respond promptly to all text messages. I can’t tell you how many times I said to Dennis during the Ipswich bathroom project, “I’m such an idiot that I didn’t go with Jesse and WORKS. And for what? Saving a few hundred dollars?! Totally not worth it.

AJ Beach

Management Consulting

I had the great pleasure to work with Jessie and his team in the capacity as a management consultant. Over the course of months I got to see the real inner workings of this company and learn a good bit about Jessie as a business person. I am thoroughly impressed. His soft skills are fantastic. He emulates his “can do” attitude in everything he takes on and always carries a smile while doing it. On the operations side, Jessie has queued in on three key elements; employees, management processes and value in end user product. He hires only the most talented tradesmen who display the utmost work ethic and quality integrity. He has installed solid processes to monitor the entire work/project life-cycle; from the time he gets the first inquiry to the final sign-off by the customer. He continuously value engineers the projects for the customer, backing up the work 100%, producing a quality of finish product that is second to none. Jess and Works by JD is a breath of fresh air in a relatively smoggy business sector. I would highly recommend Jessie and his team to any consumer considering re-modeling or new construction. On a personal note – Jessie is one of the most fair and honest people I have met in my 10+ years in the real estate industry and professional life. You can’t go wrong with this guy.