How to Remodel for a Spa Bathroom

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  If you’ve always wanted to remodel for a spa bathroom, we’ve made this blog to help you. There are so many options and ways to go about bathroom remodeling. Read on to learn how to create a room in your home made for true relaxation. When most people choose to remodel their bathroom, it’s

How to Add a Mudroom to Your Home Before This Winter

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  Many homes in New England have mudrooms at the entrance of their homes. Mudrooms are semi-separate rooms from the main living space of a home in which people store outdoor equipment, hang coats, and store shoes. When family and friends come in from the cold, harsh weather, it’s nice to have a room that

Why WORKS Handcrafts Beautiful Storage for North Shore Homeowners

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In my family, the storage dilemma is where to put all the shoes: between dress shoes, work shoes, school shoes, bad weather shoes, good weather shoes, night shoes, day shoes, and recreational shoes, I sometimes think it would be easier to just take...

Kitchen Renovations: Creative Storage and Display Space

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Anyone renovating a kitchen puts a high priority on space to store food, dishes and cookware. But a renovation also offers a chance to store and display items you may have shoved out of sight—and out of reach—in your old kitchen. Like most of...