How Much Square Footage Is Right For Me?

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The space in your home can really determine the atmosphere and the ambiance of your rooms. When you’re considering remodeling or renovating, you’re posed with the questions: How much space do we need? What square footage will be enough for our family? Many homeowners who are doing a whole-house build spend much time contemplating space,

Communication: The Most Important Aspect Of Your Construction Project

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When homeowners choose to make changes to the home, it’s a big decision that takes time. Whether looking into renovating, remodeling, adding additions, or painting, restoring, or replacing floors, the decision to do so requires planning, budgeting, and sifting through the many details. Homeowners want to be sure their investments will benefit them, and they

WORKS Takes a Kitchen From “OH NO” to “WOW!”

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Back in June, I told you about the complete kitchen renovation of an 1880s Colonial in Beverly, Massachusetts. The homeowners worked with an architect to come up with several plans, and they chose WORKS to bring those plans to reality. Today I want to focus ...

WORKS Prepares Homes for Top-Dollar Sale

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As comfortable as you’ve been in your home, you may find that it needs updating and repairs to bring you top dollar when you’re ready to sell it. In fact, many homeowners pay for a home inspection before they put their home on the market so that...

Bathroom Renovation in Beverly, Massachusetts

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If cleanliness is next to godliness, then WORKS has to be somewhere near the start of the line. Let me give you an example to explain why. Close to the water in Beverly, Massachusetts, is a lovely three-bedroom contemporary home. We were asked to...

Working Together on a Home Renovation in Beverly, MA

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What exactly do general contractors do? I like to think of my job in part as the conductor of the orchestra. But instead of making sure that the trombones don’t drown out the violins and the snare drum comes in on cue, a general contractor makes sure that...

Fixing Doors that Stick and Windows that Stick in Historic Homes

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There’s one word the new owners might have used to describe the kitcMany of the homeowners who come to WORKS have historic homes. When the solid wood doors and wood double-hung windows begin to stick, the homeowners are reluctant to...

WORKS to the Rescue: a Kitchen Renovation Disaster

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“We had the money to remodel the kitchen but of course we wanted the job to be cost-effective. So we went with a ‘good deal’ contractor. We thought a lot about the quality of the materials we wanted, but we didn’t think about the quality of...