Choosing the Right Color Paint for a Room in the Home

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As you’re choosing a paint color for a room in the home, you’ll realize there are thousands of options to choose from. This may seem like an impossible, overwhelming choice, but there are certain steps you can take to help you through the process. Choose a paint color you know you'll love forever. Read this

Checking the Structure is Essential When Painting and Historic Home

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The WORKS team and I count as one of our pleasures the ability to work on historic homes throughout the North Shore of Boston. Recently, we painted the exterior of a Beverly, Massachusetts, home built in 1720. Before we began painting, we knew we had to...

Painting After Water Damage in Hamilton Home

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Water damaged the ceilings, drywall and insulation in several rooms in a lovely two-story, 1950s home in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. Some of the damage was very visible and included cracks, peeling, bulging and visible wetness. We investigated...

Home Improvements that Boost Your Mood

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Now that we have a breathing space before winter shuts us inside again, let’s take a look at some home improvements that will lighten next winter’s doldrums or cabin fever, even better than a trip to southern climes. In fact, with the right home...

Bring Nature’s Colors Into Your Home This Spirng

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Okay, confession time: one reason I enjoy being a construction contractor is that you don’t have to pick out matching clothes for work; you wear what’s comfortable and practical for tearing down walls and building rooms that people enjoy. But as a painting...

Murals and Faux Painting: Continuing a New England Tradition

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I’ve always admired Rufus Porter who painted murals in more than 160 homes and inns throughout New England from 1825 to1845, using a combination of freehand painting and stenciling. Porter is a true Bostonian, eventually settling in Roxbury...

Fear of Color: 5 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

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With all the reality home renovation and house hunting shows on TV, those of us who live in the real reality begin to think that the only appropriate colors for rooms are white, tan and (maybe) very light yellow—neutral colors. According to data collected by...