Designing a Room In The Home For Inspiration & Creativity

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Most homes consist of the typical family room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. A popular trend for 2018 has been creating additional rooms in the home, like offices, studies, or home gyms. Families are willing to go the extra mile to get the comfort they want. There has been a high demand for

Communication: The Most Important Aspect Of Your Construction Project

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When homeowners choose to make changes to the home, it’s a big decision that takes time. Whether looking into renovating, remodeling, adding additions, or painting, restoring, or replacing floors, the decision to do so requires planning, budgeting, and sifting through the many details. Homeowners want to be sure their investments will benefit them, and they

Top 10 Reasons Why North Shore Homeowners Choose WORKS

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1. We are tied into the community through family, friendships and involvement with local organizations. I grew up on the North Shore and still live here; most of the WORKS crew were born here and are raising their own families here. 2. We have a decade of...

6 Partial Kitchen Renovations with Full-Scale Impact

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Kitchen cabinet doors are primed for refinishing by the WORKS team. A complete kitchen renovation is outside your budget? No worries; WORKS has helped many homeowners update their kitchens without the expense of a total renovation. We have the...

Fear of Color: 5 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

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With all the reality home renovation and house hunting shows on TV, those of us who live in the real reality begin to think that the only appropriate colors for rooms are white, tan and (maybe) very light yellow—neutral colors. According to data collected by...