How to Choose New Floors for the Home

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  After years of traffic, sometimes the flooring in the home needs to be replaced. When your recognize the need to replace your floors, you have many options to explore. Many homeowners have different choices and different needs. For example, if you have children or pets, this will definitely influence your decision. Read through this

Interior Painting by WORKS: Always Alert to the Details

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You’ve often heard from me that preparation is the most important part of a job. The second most important part is paying attention to the details. Once the flooring was installed, we prepared for the interior painting with the following steps...

Renovation Materials in Many Price Points and Looks

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Before you decide your budget forces you to live with an outdated, uncomfortable, uninspired kitchen, bath or master bedroom, take some time to consider these options which cover a variety of price points and looks: Flooring: Ceramic tiles...