Rockport, MA

Do you know the difference between a renovation and a remodel? A renovation is a relatively small repair, up to a kitchen redesign, for example. A remodel, on the other hand, is a larger project that changes the layout of the room or the whole house. Whichever you may require, WORKS by Jesse offers both remodeling and renovation services. We want to make your house work to your advantage, which is why we offer renovation and remodeling services near Rockport, MA.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Are you looking to remodel or renovate your bathroom near Rockport, MA. If so, WORKS by Jesse can help you plan, design, and implement your vision, bringing it to fruition with careful attention to detail. There are a number of reasons to invest in a bathroom reno or remodel, including mold, the age of the facility, the need to upgrade, and expanding your family.

Depending on the age of your house, the bathroom may be long overdue for a renovation or even a remodel. WORKS by Jesse has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to recommend new bathroom fixtures and technologies to improve the look and feel of your current space. These include low-flow water conserving toilets, non-slip flooring, and even emerging technologies such as radiant floor heating to keep your feet warm when you exit the shower.

If you’re in need of a bathroom remodel near Rockport, MA , contact WORKS by Jesse today. We take the time to listen to our clients and ask pertinent questions to understand exactly their needs. We fulfill our promise of completing your renovation or remodel on-time and within budget, so you can get back to your daily routine, uninterrupted.

Home Addition Contractors

Taking a look at the rooms in your house, does at least one feel outdated or seem to have the potential for something greater? Maybe you want to finish your basement, or need to attach a garage to the property. Even still, you may want to build a playroom, a guest bedroom, or an in-law suite for your expanding family. Whether you're looking to renovate a specific room in the house or you want to add an addition, our home addition contractors near Rockport, MA can help.

The longer you live in your house, the more ideas you have for what you can do with it. You can add a sunroom to relax on the weekends. You may decide to open your house to friends and family and offer them a place to sleep in a guest bedroom. As your children progress through their teenage years, they will likely need cars to drive to school and work, so adding a garage will give you more room to handle all the cars. Whatever your situation may be, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and allocate funds for the project. Not to mention hiring a team of contractors to help you realize your vision.

The team at WORKS by Jesse is here for all your home renovations and additions needs. We have the experience working on home improvement projects of all kinds to know how to properly communicate with our clients when working out the details of the project. Your happiness with the progression of and the completed project is our highest priority. We take the time to listen to your needs and work accordingly. Contact us today to get started on building the home addition you have been itching to complete!

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

The kitchen serves as the heart of the home, the place where you can experiment with recipes, both new and old, and where you can proudly display your child’s artwork or good grades. If you’re looking to improve the look and functionality of your kitchen, hire the kitchen remodeling contractors near Rockport, MA , the team at WORKS by Jesse can help.

Do you remember when you first moved in and were amazed at all the cabinet storage space in the kitchen? Fast forward to today and the storage may be lacking. Where did all the space go?! The team at WORKS by Jesse can help you plan, design, and install custom cabinetry with improved storage capacity for all your plates, bowls, Tupperware containers and, yes, even food. Gone are the days of scrambling to find room for an item that just won’t fit! In addition, we can recommend complementary countertop materials and designs, and even a dramatic backsplash for your kitchen sink.

How old are your big kitchen appliances? If they haven’t been upgraded within the last few years, you could be paying more on your electricity and oil/gas/heating bills to keep these outdated machines operational. Appliance manufacturers have become increasingly aware of the woes of paying exorbitant monthly utility bills, and have worked tirelessly to design and build energy-efficient refrigerators, stovetop ranges and ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and more. The purpose and function of these appliances are twofold: both to save you money and to limit the impact on the environment in consuming non-renewable resources.

If your current kitchen layout doesn’t work for you, why not gut it and begin anew? Our team of kitchen remodeling contractors near Rockport, MA can work with the available space in your current kitchen to plan and design your ideal kitchen. We take into account space to move around freely, as well as optimizing the locations of big appliances for improved efficiency.

Whether you’re looking for a simple kitchen renovation or a whole kitchen remodel, WORKS by Jesse has got your back. We listen to the needs of our customers and work tirelessly to realize their visions. Contact us today to get started!

Painting Contractors

Paint provides two purposes. First, it sets the mood of the room in terms of the interior, and visually sets your house apart from those around it when looking at the exterior. Second, depending on the paint finish, which ranges from flat matte to high gloss, it can be helpful in concealing small dings, scratches, or scuff marks, and can even be a layer of defense against the elements. If you are looking for a painting contractor near Rockport, MA , WORKS by Jesse can accomplish all of this for you!

Caring for your newly painted walls is easy. For scuff marks, simply take a warm wet cloth and gently wipe away the mark, being careful not to scrub too hard. Refrain from using soap as the chemicals in the base may strip the paint to some degree. For dings, scratches, and larger damage, be sure to keep an extra can of paint at the right color and finish. This will allow you to seamlessly paint over after you repair the underlying wall with mesh and/or plaster, for example.

The painting contractors at WORKS by Jesse have the vision to aid you in choosing your ideal color(s) and finish(es). No matter if you’re painting a single room, the whole interior, a part of the exterior, or the whole exterior, our team has the experience and expertise to take great care in properly prepping and painting the entire surface uniformly and without bubbles. Contact us today to get started on your painting project!

Rot Repair & Restoration Contractors

New England is notorious for heavy rains no matter the season. When water impacts your foundation or the exterior of your house, damage is sure to ensue, including flooding. If flooding occurs and you don’t take action to resolve the underlying problem, it can cause rot.

On the exterior and foundation, our rot repair contractors near Rockport, MA can replace the siding and/or the roof and refill any cracks in the concrete and make sure no more water will be able to find a way inside. On the interior, we will look at the point of entry where flooding begins and repair or restore the wall, floor, or ceiling, and properly seal it up.

At WORKS by Jesse, our rot and restoration contractors are here to repair any water damage to the foundation, exterior, and interior of the house. We make it a priority to properly inspect your property and diagnose the problem the first time. There’s no time to wait to take care of water damage; it must be resolved immediately for the safety of your property and your loved ones. Contact us today to resolve your rot and structural damage issues!