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Jesse Debenedictis - WORKSbyJD
Jesse DeBenedictis
Owner and All Around Construction Guru


Jesse DeBenedictis started his first company in the eighth grade, gardening and landscaping for local families. A few years after college, he realized that construction, from digging foundations to designing custom carpentry, was his first love and he founded WORKS. He says, “As a general contractor and a leader, you have to be constantly creative and on your toes.” He brings that creativity, experience, and commitment to every job on Boston’s North Shore.
Jeff Drinkwater - WORKSbyJD
Jason Simonetty
Project Manager


Jason is responsible for overseeing the details that go into producing a WORKS project. He enjoys “making sure that everything in a homeowner’s plan is as they have anticipated—bringing a vision from paper to a physical structure.” He encourages clients to select materials (fixtures, tile, flooring, and so on) as early as possible to avoid potential issues with delivery and scheduling. “For me, the exciting part is seeing the project coming to life while knowing that all of the details are in place and decisions have been made.”
Jeff Drinkwater - WORKSbyJD
Jeff Drinkwater
Lead Carpenter
Jeff Drinkwater is a professional carpenter, born and raised in Beverly, Massachusetts where he now lives with his family. He grew up helping in his father’s excavation company and says, “It helps to know a little bit about everything in construction.” His chief passion is for high quality carpentry in homes with interesting character.
Mark Baldassari - WORKSbyJD
Deb Copola
HR Director
Deb brings over 20 years of human resources experience to WORKS, as well as experience in helping to run her family’s alarm installation business. She finds that at WORKS, “it is all about the customer and what the customer needs. The guys are committed to going above and beyond and we receive wonderful compliments from customers because of that.”
Mark Baldassari - WORKSbyJD
Mark Baldassari
Lead Painter
Mark has over 13 years experience in the construction field, with experience in all areas of construction from frame to finish. His expertise is in painting, possessing knowledge and skills in all applications and techniques. He firmly believes that proper substrate preparation and choosing only the finest products is the key to a perfect paint job. He will work tirelessly to ensure a quality job and a satisfied client throughout an enjoyable process.
Mark Baldassari - WORKSbyJD
Terri Mitchell
Terry takes care of all of WORKS’ accounts, including invoices, billing, and accounts payable. With five brothers in the construction trades (including plumbing and electrical), she has great respect for the WORKS team in the field. She says, “I like the team in the office, too. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.”
John Labby- Lead Carpenter
Ali Karasic
Marketing Director
Ali Karasic has been working with Jesse for many years. Ali first met Jesse over a decade ago, when she hired him to fix her kitchen “disaster,” after engaging the cheapest people to work on her renovation. “I learned that lesson the hard way.” says Ali. “However, I try to use that experience, in addition to my years working in the fields of design and architecture, to help our clients understand why there is real value in hiring the right team for the job, a team of experts, even if that team costs more.” Ali is responsible for WORKS marketing and also assists in client service and new business development.
Arty DiPaolo- Lead Carpenter
Walter Dossett
Lead Carpenter
Walter has been on the WORKS team for a few years, but he has been working as a carpenter in the construction industry since high school. Walter says his strength is finish work and he loves remodeling projects. “I just love seeing people’s faces when we finish a job. That’s what inspires me most.” says Walter. “I like the whole process from frame to finish, but I like seeing the finished product most.”
Arty DiPaolo- Lead Carpenter
Paul Kassis
Painting Estimator and Project Manager
Paul Kassis leads the business development of the WORKS painting division. Along with our lead painters, Paul manages the schedule and ensures our work is of the highest quality standard.The son of a house painter, Paul worked with his father from childhood. In his 20 years as a painting contractor, Paul has most enjoyed “taking something that’s a diamond in the rough and bringing that shine back.”“When I work with clients,” Paul states, “I encourage them to tell me exactly what their expectations are, so we can meet or exceed them. WORKS is a great company, extremely honest and conscientious. At WORKS, we cross our t’s and dot our i’s and the lines of communication are always open.”
Arty DiPaolo- Lead Carpenter
Zori Minkova
Zori supports the WORKS team in many capacities and the whole office is thankful for her! She supports Jesse in his endeavor to better organize the business, streamline the estimate and project management processes, and accomplish many short and long-term goals for WORKS.
Arty DiPaolo- Lead Carpenter
Peter Wesley
Peter has been with WORKS for several years. His previous experience includes work as a chef and as a corporate trainer. Woodworking was always a hobby for Peter and while he came to WORKS as an apprentice, he is moving into a role as a full carpenter. Peter says that he LOVES demo work! He also loves working with rot, as it’s so satisfying to remove and replace the old, crumbling wood with new.
Arty DiPaolo- Lead Carpenter
Emily Woodford
Marketing Assistant
Emily Woodford is the marketing assistant at WORKS. Since having prior experience as a creative brand warrior for a marketing agency in Worcester, she handles social media with great finesse. Emily loves the art of marketing and is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a focus on content marketing.
Arty DiPaolo- Lead Carpenter
Paul Doane
Lead Carpenter
Paul grew up on the North Shore of Boston. He has been working in construction for almost 40 years! Paul says that the list of things he loves to work on is long, but his favorite work is finish work and restoration work.