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Customer Testimonails
Customer Testimonails


We own a house constructed over many years (1789 to 1924). After being moved a half mile and placed on a new foundation in 1926, the colonial house was expanded with new wings added every 2 years until WW2.  This estate building needs repairs from time to time.  Jesse and WORKS started solving our repair and modernization projects about 20 years ago.  We could not survive without Jesse's know-how and his attention to customer satisfaction. Whether the problem is replacing and upgrading sliding glass doors, weather proofing any of the 105 windows in this historic house, adding insulation throughout the house, building a bathroom shower, changing plumbing fixtures, replacing slate, installing a rubber roof, or installing new ceiling plaster WORKS has managed all sorts of jobs within budget and on the schedule we plan together.  The crews clean up each day so we can live in the building while building continues over several weeks. It is a pleasure working with Jesse to estimate the job cost and we are always satisfied with the attractive finishes created by the carpenters and painters who we have relied upon for decades of successful building projects.Quotes1_op

Peter and Gretel, Hamilton, MA

We recently had several projects completed by WORKS, including new hardwood stairs, a new kitchen floor, a new door, and exterior rot work, and we are more than pleased with the outcome. Having a few different projects allowed us to meet many of the "Works" staff, and we can honestly say that each and every one of them were polite, reliable, professional, and truly cared about their work. Thanks to Jesse, Jeff, and their outstanding team for a job well done. We would highly recommend using WORKS to family and friends.Quotes1_op

Linda and Tom, Beverly MA

I had the great pleasure to work with Jessie and his team in the capacity as a management consultant. Over the course of months I got to see the real inner workings of this company and learn a good bit about Jessie as a business person. I am thoroughly impressed. His soft skills are fantastic. He emulates his “can do” attitude in everything he takes on and always carries a smile while doing it. On the operations side, Jessie has queued in on three key elements; employees, management processes and value in end user product. He hires only the most talented tradesmen who display the utmost work ethic and quality integrity. He has installed solid processes to monitor the entire work/project life-cycle; from the time he gets the first inquiry to the final sign-off by the customer. He continuously value engineers the projects for the customer, backing up the work 100%, producing a quality of finish product that is second to none. Jess and Works by JD is a breath of fresh air in a relatively smoggy business sector. I would highly recommend Jessie and his team to any consumer considering re-modeling or new construction. On a personal note – Jessie is one of the most fair and honest people I have met in my 10+ years in the real estate industry and professional life. You can’t go wrong with this guy.Quotes1_op

AJ Beach, Management Consulting, Boston

Dear Jesse, ...Although there were a couple of bumps in the road, we wanted you to know how pleased we are with the final product. The discovery of the shower issue was incredibly fortuitous for us, and we are certainly grateful to you for diagnosing the origin of the rippling in the floors adjacent to the shower. All of your guys were great! Not only was their work terrific, but they also could not have been more pleasant to have around or more accommodating. They were truly committed to satisfying us in any way they could. Finally, you could not have been more responsive and diligent throughout the course of the project. You were always willing to put your best foot forward and prepared to answer any questions we might have had and to do whatever you could to make our project a successful one. We are most appreciative! You can certainly add us to your list of " happy" clients. Best regards.Quotes1_op

Rusty and Mary Pat, Ipswich MA

It is so wonderful working with WORKS. ...Why is it so wonderful working with WORKS? Communication and work quality. I had a little job in Ipswich at a small condo we bought. To tear out the shower and put in a new tub, and re-tile the floor and tub walls, we went with a new contractor because in general he costs less than you do. Our reward for saving a few hundred dollars was a nightmare. A ten day project stretched over five and a half months, went over budget, and caused me much distress. The guy only returned emails, texts, or phone calls if I explicitly wrote "Please answer this email/text/phone call." With WORKS, you respect us clients in every way. You give us daily access to progress photos online, have an office that responds to all phone calls, and have project managers who talk us clients through the plan, on a daily basis even, if necessary. Also, you read and respond promptly to all text messages. I can't tell you how many times I said to Dennis during the Ipswich bathroom project, "I'm such an idiot that I didn't go with Jesse and WORKS. And for what? Saving a few hundred dollars?! Totally not worth it." Jesse, I admire the set-up you have designed at WORKS. The quality of your work is impeccable and beautiful, and your crew and office staff are exemplary. I have told many of my friends about WORKS, about how distinctive it is relative to the average contractor. Thank you thank you thank you.Quotes1_op

Wendy, Manchester MA

I highly recommend Jesse and his group (WORKS). He was very accommodating and got all the work we needed done in time to move into our new home. His workers were very friendly, professional and cleaned up after their day was done. Thanks Jesse for a job well done!Quotes1_op

Gail, Peabody MA

The WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis team has been completing projects in our home since 2007. We have had major and minor repairs completed, including stripping and reinstalling ceilings and floors, replacing and improving insulation, installing carpet, structural repairs on the exterior of the home, and gutter maintenance. The team is excellent. They are incredibly responsible and they have 100% commitment to quality work. I would recommend them to anyone. Each time we've had the Works team in our home, the experience has been excellent. They arrive when they say they will, work long hours if they have to and are simply great people.Quotes1_op

Melissa, Gloucester MA

Details are important…. As an architect, I work to achieve the desired aesthetic of each individual client. Jesse understands that the architect/builder/client relationship is a critical component to any successful design and construction process…. Jesse is committed to getting the details right on each and every project which he takes up and accomplish.Quotes1_op

Karl Damitz, Principal of FourFold Design

Jesse DeBenedictis is an honest, talented and very accommodating contractor. Jesse has performed numerous projects for us and we have found his work to be of the highest quality craftsmanship. Jesse is extremely conscientious and hardworking. While renovating our kitchen, Jesse took our space down to bare bones and reconstructed a beautiful and efficient work space. He was always upfront when dealing with us regarding time and cost. He performed within budget and agreed upon schedule unless unusual circumstances arose in the project. Jesse and his crew were tidy, courteous and delightful to work with. We would highly recommend Jesse for any project from kitchen and interior renovations to exterior structural work.Quotes1_op

Linda and Richard, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis has always provided expert work for my design projects. Jesse employs the most experienced crew… friendly and aware of the client’s needs. The team works a project in the most efficient and noninvasive way, making the construction process less stressful for all!Quotes1_op

Susan M. Williams, Interior Designer, Beverly Farms, MA

I was very pleased with the renovations and repair work done by Jesse DeBenedictis – WORKS. He and his crew did a great job and far exceeded my expectations. They were professional and hard working and were thorough at detecting unknown problems and fixing them the right way. Jesse was always available to explain things and offered complete and thorough information regarding the cost of the project. I highly recommend Jesse and the WORKS.Quotes1_op

Lynn, Gloucester, MA

We have been clients of Jesse and his associates for the past three years, during which time we have begun major remodeling of our entire home. He has completed a complete demolition and remodeling of a bathroom and laundry room, repair and re-plastering of walls and ceilings, installation of new recessed lighting and replacing the major support beam and posts of our deck. He is currently in the process of complete window replacement and repair of water damage to the existing siding and trim, along with replacing the entire house with new cedar shingle siding. We have recommended Jesse to several people over the last few years and will continue to do so in the future. He is an expert craftsman with an eye for detail and perfection. He is thorough, competent, trustworthy, dependable and professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and very concerned that the job at hand be done with great care. His work ethic is unsurpassed…. There is no one who is as hardworking as he is. He completes the work efficiently and expertly within the time frame he has estimated. He is also very accurate with his estimates of the work to be done. He and his workers are reliable and courteous. They show up when scheduled and if there is a delay or change in plans due to unexpected circumstances, we have always been notified. They are clean and respectful of the house and our privacy as much as possible. In fact, we very much enjoy having them around! We cannot say enough positive things about Jesse and his coworkers. We have been completely satisfied with the remodeling they have done. Their work is superb, beautiful and professional. We have absolute confidence in their ability to do a job expertly and efficiently. We recommend them highly and we will continue to entrust them with future work on our home. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions regarding our recommendation.Quotes1_op

William and Mary Ellen, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

As past and future clients of WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis, we want to express our complete confidence in his workmanship and dependability. We hired him at the suggestion of Joan Davis, Designer, who recommended him so highly that we didn’t feel the need to look further. After Jesse and his co-workers had done an impeccable job on our initial project, a powder room and large closet, we kept finding more for them to do. Some was renovation and some repair but whatever the case they were thorough, courteous and responsive to our every concern. Their clean-up at the end of the day is immaculate and machines or tools are never left without permission. Finally, Jesse responds to phone calls as soon as possible, if not immediately, which is a huge plus these days. All-in-all, we would never consider calling another contractor after our experience with WORKS.Quotes1_op

Lee and John, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

We have employed Jesse DeBenedictis for major kitchen and bathroom renovations, building structural support work, roofing, siding and general house repairs. We have been customers for several years and will keep going to Jesse for any and all of our major or minor house repairs. The quality of his work is excellent; his delivery on-time or early; his prices reasonable; and his reliability/demeanor wonderful. We highly recommend Jesse DeBenedictis as a contractor for projects large and small.Quotes1_op

Tom and Eva, Beverly, MA

I have worked on several projects with Jesse the past year ranging in size and complexity. His approach is professional & well managed with unsurpassed quality.Quotes1_op

Brendan O’Donoghue, Ebben Creek Architecture

WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis | Mark Baldassarri: A Passion for Painting

978-360-2710 – 239 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929 – http://worksbyjd.com Mark Baldassarri found out early in his career that he loves working with his hands. When it comes to painting, he says, “I just enjoy it.” Trust your construction, painting, or renovation project to a team that loves what they do: WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis.

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978-360-2710 – 239 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929 – http://worksbyjd.com Master painter Mark Baldassarri praises Jesse DeBenedictis for his honesty and high standards as a building contractor. “He’s a good person,” says Mark. For expertise you can trust and a total commitment to customer satisfaction, call WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis.

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Attention to detail is what sets WORKS apart. Mark Baldassarri, master painter, explains how that attention to detail informs every painting job, from protecting the home from dust and debris to preparing the walls and cleaning up afterward. For a building contractor you can count on and the detailed preparation that leads to real customer satisfaction, call WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis.

WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis | “Perfect Work” on Manchester, MA Home Renovation

978-360-2710 – 239 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929 – http://www.worksbyjd.com “I’m an engineer and I’m very fussy and his work was perfect… His workers were gentlemen.” A homeowner gives his reasons for trusting WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis with improvements on his Manchester, Massachusetts home, from understanding the job to delivering a quality renovation and then cleaning up afterwards.

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978-360-2710 – 239 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929 – http://www.worksbyjd.com At WORKS, they “get the job done” with professional construction, remodeling, exterior and interior painting and renovation of homes throughout the North Shore of Boston. Homeowners like Chuck on Bostons North Shore recognize that Jesse DeBenedictis and the entire WORKS team love what they does and the result is quality workmanship.

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978-360-2710 – 239 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929 – http://www.worksbyjd.com At WORKS by JD, we believe that communication is key—“We answer your calls immediately, we answer emails, we answer texts…We stay in touch with the client.” Let us work both for and with you throughout the home improvement process. Look for our signs on site throughout the North Shore of Boston.

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978-360-2710 – 239 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929 – http://www.worksbyjd.com Licensed Home Improvement Contractor, Jesse DeBenedictis explains how the WORKS team protects your home during construction to ensure that you experience the least disruptive, most satisfying home renovation experience possible. During every home improvement project, WORKS respects the viewpoint and the concerns of the homeowner.

WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis | Outstanding Home Improvement in Hamilton, MA

978-360-2710 – 239 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929 – http://www.worksbyjd.com This North Shore homeowner had worked with other builders and construction contractors before but “My experience with Jesse was so good, I think he’s the only person I’d ask back.” With a team that grew up, lives and works on the North Shore of Boston, WORKS has deep respect and appreciation for the homes and homeowners on the North Shore.~ Mary

WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis | The WORKS Experience – Gloucester, MA

978-360-2710 – 239 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929 – http://www.worksbyjd.com North Shore homeowners find that Jesse DeBeneditis’s honesty, passion, and integrity define every stage of every home renovation and remodeling job. “He’s always going to do the right thing.” Contact WORKS by JD to start building your own long-term relationship with the professional home improvement team that cares.~ Nancy

WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis | WORKS Renovates Homes in Hamilton, MA

978-360-2710 – 239 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929 – http://www.worksbyjd.com Mary, a Hamilton, MA homeowner, turned to the WORKS team for home improvements and was impressed by their courtesy and respect for her home. When it comes to choosing a building contractor, WORKS is the one team that she “actually enjoys” having in her home.

WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis | Quality Home Improvement in Gloucester, MA

978-360-2710 – 239 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929 – http://www.worksbyjd.com “I first met Jesse years ago…He does a quality job.” This Gloucester, MA, homeowner first knew Jesse DeBenedictis personally and then professionally, as the perfect building contractor to support her dreams for her home. She trusts WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis for expert home construction, renovation, and remodeling.~ Nancy