Building Better Client Experiences

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Here at Works By JD, we’re always striving to enhance our customer experience. Part of that effort includes giving our employees the continued training and resources they need to grow and develop as professionals. Our most recent training was a seminar with David Lupberger of Remodel Force on client relationships. Drawing on over two decades

Aging in Place With Universal Design

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The options available in home remodeling and design have never been greater. While most savvy consumers are considering design elements with timeless style, it also helps to make choices which are “ageless.” Ageless, or Universal Design, not only improves your living space today but also alleviates future barriers to aging in place and living more

Spring 2018 Topsfield Home Show

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Folks turned up from all over the North Shore and Greater Boston area to attend the Spring 2018 Home Show at the Topsfield Fairgrounds from April 20-22. The Works by JD team was there with over 120 other exhibitors, meeting with homeowners and answering questions at our third home show of 2018. Visitors roamed through

Rot Puts Your Home at Risk—and WORKS Has the Cure

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As a homeowner, you must think about wood rot not only in terms of your home’s structural integrity, but in terms of safety. When wood rot penetrates the boards of a porch or deck, when it weakens risers and balusters, it creates a hazard for anyone walking...

Interior Painting by WORKS: Always Alert to the Details

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You’ve often heard from me that preparation is the most important part of a job. The second most important part is paying attention to the details. Once the flooring was installed, we prepared for the interior painting with the following steps...

Green Kitchen Remodels: Great Kitchens that are Eco-Friendly

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One of the reasons I love the North Shore of Boston is the environment: the woods, lakes, rivers, fields, and ocean. Keeping that environment safe is a priority for anyone who lives on the North Shore, and it gives us empathy for other environments around...