Remodeling Ideas To Get Started On NOW!

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Remodeling can bring about feelings of refreshing change and growth in the home. When the season changes, there are so many options for you to remodel and utilize the essence of the peak New England seasons. Homeowners choose to remodel for a number of reasons when the season changes. Maybe you have outdoor space that

Why are Home Repairs and Restorations Important?

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The home is a special place, welcoming families, pets, and visitors alike. When homeowners move into a new home, there’s so much to focus on with getting comfortable and getting everything into place – and this doesn’t stop. There is constantly hustle and bustle going on in the family home. Over time, it can become

How to Winterize the Interior & Exterior of Your Home

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When the seasons change, homeowners have much to think about when living in the New England region. As we prepare for the winter, we can expect much snowfall, ice, rain, and even snowstorms. The seasons in New England are known for being up and down, and it's important to keep the interior and exterior of

Protecting Your Possession During Construction

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In an earlier blog, I talked about protecting your pets during construction. Your personal belongings and furnishings are also important to us at WORKS. With all the unavoidable chaos that accompanies home renovations and restorations, you do not...

Renovations of Historic Buildings on North Shore of Boston

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A door that goes nowhere? Historic buildings—over 100 years of history in the case of the Essex County Club and the Hamilton Town Hall—may undergo many changes in architecture and function, leading to doors, windows, and rooms that no longer fit...

A Cohesive Team for Your Restoration or Renovation Project

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Any home restoration or home renovation project involves a multitude of specialists, potentially including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, flooring installers, painters, cabinet and countertop installers, drywallers and HVAC experts, among...