Remodeling Ideas To Get Started On NOW!

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Remodeling can bring about feelings of refreshing change and growth in the home. When the season changes, there are so many options for you to remodel and utilize the essence of the peak New England seasons. Homeowners choose to remodel for a number of reasons when the season changes. Maybe you have outdoor space that

Why are Home Repairs and Restorations Important?

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The home is a special place, welcoming families, pets, and visitors alike. When homeowners move into a new home, there’s so much to focus on with getting comfortable and getting everything into place – and this doesn’t stop. There is constantly hustle and bustle going on in the family home. Over time, it can become

Does Your Roof Have These 5 Problems? Contact WORKS.

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Especially on the North Shore of Boston, roofs are vulnerable to wind, rain, snow, ice, and damage from overhanging trees. Most roofs need repairs because of these 5 problems: 1. Improper or failed flashing. Some estimates state that 90% or more of roof...

WORKS Keeps the Foundation Strong in 100-Year-Old-Home

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Happy Fourth of July! As the signers of the Declaration of Independence knew, a firm foundation in facts is the best start for any project. That’s why, whenever WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis gets involved with a foundation, we make sure we have all the facts...

Works Repairs Window Trim and Sills on the North Shore

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This winter on the North Shore of Boston has been mild—mostly. That milder weather hasn’t prevented weather-related problems for North Shore homes, but it means the WORKS team can address them faster. For windows, trim and sills are the...

Roof Repairs on the North Shore of Boston

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The North Shore of Boston has a variety of homes of all ages and styles—which includes a variety of roofs. Once a leak is detected, we often find that the homeowner is resigned to needing a new roof way before that is really necessary. We would rather..,

Deck Repairs on Boston’s North Shore

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The two-story back deck in the photo is a beauty, and the Lexington, Massachusetts, homeowners are diligent about keeping it structurally sound and attractive. WORKS handled a recent renovation of the deck. We began the deck repairs by pressure...

Repairing Dormers in Historic Homes: Beverly and Manchester

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We are always thrilled to work on an historic home. Dormers were causing problems in two historic homes. The first dormer was on an otherwise solid 1720s single family home set back on a peaceful shaded lawn in Beverly, Massachusetts; and the second...

Works to the Rescue: Mold Discovery and Prevention

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We were about two weeks into a renovation project for a home in Manchester-by-the-Sea that is over 100 years old. Our job was to demolish a powder room, full bathroom, breakfast area, and part of the kitchen, then reframe and rebuild, installing new...