How to Add a Mudroom to Your Home Before This Winter

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  Many homes in New England have mudrooms at the entrance of their homes. Mudrooms are semi-separate rooms from the main living space of a home in which people store outdoor equipment, hang coats, and store shoes. When family and friends come in from the cold, harsh weather, it’s nice to have a room that

Where to Start With Planning Home Renovations

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  There are many steps when it comes to home renovations. It can be difficult to know where to start, as a starting point is different for everyone. We wrote this blog to get you thinking on the right track when planning your home renovations. Discussing Your Needs When you meet with your general contractor,

WORKS Renovates Porches

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A beautiful, three-story, Colonial-style home in South Andover, built in 1992, seemed to have everything a homeowner could want—including fireplace, den, finished basement, and pool—but the front porch had suffered from neglect. The WORKS team often renovates porches. In this case, we: Removed the front stairs and cut and install new skirts and risers. Installed

Renovation Ideas for a New Basement

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Dark, dank, and neglected basements are often overlooked as a potential area for family hangouts and additional living space. Working with an experienced contractor, a basement renovation can even help increase the home’s market value...

WORKS Creates Handicapped Accessible Bathroom

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From the outside, the home in Beverly, Massachusetts, was perfect: a two-story, two-car garage house in a neighborhood of beautiful homes. But inside, one of the bathrooms was far from meeting the homeowner’s expectations and needs. It was a large...