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Gardening At Home This Summer & Fall

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Many homeowners enjoy curating the perfect garden for the summer and fall seasons. Working in the garden is a time of creative expression. You can choose what you want to grow, and watch your efforts and time put in to nurture your plants pay off as they fruit.  In your New England home, you’ll have

Why Is Summer The Ideal Season For Construction?

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Many homeowners struggle when deciding on the best time of year to renovate, remodel, or start a construction project. The right time is different for everyone, but there’s no question that summertime is the ideal season to get your projects done. Read this blog to learn why, and get some inspiration to start your project

Pest Prevention On Your Property For Spring & Summer

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Many homeowners love spending time in the yard, on the deck, or out on the patio during the summertime. As the kids are out of school, and schedules start to slow down, it’s a relaxing time of year when the whole family can be present, at home, spending time together.   When you’re spending time

3 Spring Home Improvement Ideas This Season

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Nice weather allows us to work on the home in ways we can’t during the offseason. We can finally get started on those exterior home repairs we’ve been putting off, and we can tend to all of those restorations that are weather dependent. With nice, springtime weather, sunshine, and warm temperatures, you can complete these

How to Keep Up Your New Year’s Home Resolutions

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As it’s now 2019, many homeowners have made New Year’s Resolutions for this year that surround the home. These are important types of resolutions, as the home requires work throughout the year to ensure safety and longevity. Everyone has all different types of home resolutions, or goals to complete come the new year. But within

The WORKS Property Maintenance Experience

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Are you frustrated with your current property? This could mean you don’t have enough time on your hands, you need assistance in prioritizing, or you simply don’t know how to tackle small repairs before they become expensive projects. You’ll be happy to know that WORKS by JD offers professional and individualized property management to combat

Property Maintenance on Your Second Home? WORKS Can Do That!

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Our job at WORKS is to create the renovation or addition that you, the homeowner, has dreamed about. We know costs are important, and we strive to keep them in line throughout the project. But before we even lift a hammer or plumb a line, you...