Choosing the Right Color Paint for a Room in the Home

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As you’re choosing a paint color for a room in the home, you’ll realize there are thousands of options to choose from. This may seem like an impossible, overwhelming choice, but there are certain steps you can take to help you through the process. Choose a paint color you know you'll love forever. Read this

WORKS Professionals Make Interior Painting Look Easy

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If you have a unique home—an historic home, one with nontraditional architecture or one that you have decorated to meet your specific tastes—then you will want to consider the WORKS team when it is time to paint the interior. There is no set time when...

Interior Painting: WORKS Starts Right With Perfect Preparations

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Some great autumn days still remain for painting the exterior of your home, but now is a good to consider painting the interior. As part of our service as professional painters, the WORKS team makes sure that your rooms are prepared for interior painting...

Checking the Structure is Essential When Painting and Historic Home

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The WORKS team and I count as one of our pleasures the ability to work on historic homes throughout the North Shore of Boston. Recently, we painted the exterior of a Beverly, Massachusetts, home built in 1720. Before we began painting, we knew we had to...

Works Repairs Window Trim and Sills on the North Shore

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This winter on the North Shore of Boston has been mild—mostly. That milder weather hasn’t prevented weather-related problems for North Shore homes, but it means the WORKS team can address them faster. For windows, trim and sills are the...

Exterior Painting: Now is the Time to Schedule WORKS

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Why am I mentioning exterior painting in the middle of February? Our schedule for exterior painting projects is already filling up, as homeowners throughout the North Shore recruit WORKS to paint their homes this spring and summer. They respect us for ...

Interior Painting by WORKS: Always Alert to the Details

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You’ve often heard from me that preparation is the most important part of a job. The second most important part is paying attention to the details. Once the flooring was installed, we prepared for the interior painting with the following steps...