The WORKS Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning

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Every homeowner is concerned with spring cleaning as the season approaches, and everyone has a different idea of spring cleaning. No matter what level of spring cleaning you’re used to, you can base this year’s cleaning off our checklist. Instead of frantically tackling projects and forgetting to finish them, our checklist will help you stay

WORKS Takes a Kitchen From “OH NO” to “WOW!”

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Back in June, I told you about the complete kitchen renovation of an 1880s Colonial in Beverly, Massachusetts. The homeowners worked with an architect to come up with several plans, and they chose WORKS to bring those plans to reality. Today I want to focus ...

Custom Kitchen Island: Manchester and Beverly, Massachusetts

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WORKS helped two homeowners, one in Manchester, Massachussetts, and the other in Beverly, Massachusetts, with the design and installation of custom kitchen islands. Among other elements we had to consider were the shape and size of the island...

WORKS to the Rescue: a Kitchen Renovation Disaster

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“We had the money to remodel the kitchen but of course we wanted the job to be cost-effective. So we went with a ‘good deal’ contractor. We thought a lot about the quality of the materials we wanted, but we didn’t think about the quality of...

6 Partial Kitchen Renovations with Full-Scale Impact

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Kitchen cabinet doors are primed for refinishing by the WORKS team. A complete kitchen renovation is outside your budget? No worries; WORKS has helped many homeowners update their kitchens without the expense of a total renovation. We have the...

Renovation Materials in Many Price Points and Looks

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Before you decide your budget forces you to live with an outdated, uncomfortable, uninspired kitchen, bath or master bedroom, take some time to consider these options which cover a variety of price points and looks: Flooring: Ceramic tiles...