How To Assess Your Windows & Doors For The Spring

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Homeowners often think about winterizing elements of the home, but we don’t commonly think of de-winterizing or preparing for spring. This is equally as important! Windows and doors are a huge part of cost-savings in the home when the seasons are at their peaks. There are a few things you can do to assess your

Window and Door Installation for Energy Efficiency

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Whether you live in an old or a new home, energy efficiency is important. One of the best ways to save energy in the home is to manage your seals, doors, windows, and insulation. This is especially important to think about for the winter months, before the cold really sets in. Read this blog to

Glass Doors and Walls: Making Small Spaces Look Bigger

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You have probably heard about all the tried and true methods to give a small living space the illusion of being larger; methods such as utilizing light color, placing mirrors on the walls, or clearing away the clutter. However, have you ever considered...