WORKS Enhances Safety and Beauty of a Deck

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Even a contemporary home that is less than 20 years old may have a weak spot, and for an Essex, Massachusetts, home that weakness was the deck. While most new decks today are built with treated lumber, maintenance and repair are still needed...

Does Your Roof Have These 5 Problems? Contact WORKS.

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Especially on the North Shore of Boston, roofs are vulnerable to wind, rain, snow, ice, and damage from overhanging trees. Most roofs need repairs because of these 5 problems: 1. Improper or failed flashing. Some estimates state that 90% or more of roof...

WORKS Fixes Water Damage By Installing Flashing the Right Way

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Even a rather new home can suffer wood rot and structural damage if the flashing is not properly installed in the first place. Flashing is a thin layer of waterproof material that is placed, for example between a deck and the wall of a house to prevent...

WORKS Helps Homeowners Make the Right Choices for New Deck

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Whether you are building a new deck or replacing an old one, proper framing is the most important step (see photo). It ensures that your deck is level and square, resists bounce and keeps you safe. That aspect of your deck will be handled expertly by your...

Roof Repairs on the North Shore of Boston

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The North Shore of Boston has a variety of homes of all ages and styles—which includes a variety of roofs. Once a leak is detected, we often find that the homeowner is resigned to needing a new roof way before that is really necessary. We would rather..,

Deck Repairs on Boston’s North Shore

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The two-story back deck in the photo is a beauty, and the Lexington, Massachusetts, homeowners are diligent about keeping it structurally sound and attractive. WORKS handled a recent renovation of the deck. We began the deck repairs by pressure...