How To Choose a Trusted Construction Company

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Congrats! You have a new project at hand, be it a remodel, a renovation, or even a new build or new home addition. Now starts the process of finding the best contractor or construction company in your area that fits your needs. There are many factors that go into deciding on a trusted construction company.

The Process of Working With a Contractor

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Working with a contractor to complete additions, renovations, or new home builds is a process that is often unfamiliar to homeowners and homebuyers alike. Maybe you’ve never taken the steps toward drastic home improvement, and you’ve finally set aside time to work on the home.  Maybe you’re renovating a home to move into, or you’re

Taking An Original Spin On Your Home Improvement Projects

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Every year, homeowners assess their homes and decide what home improvement projects they want to tackle. These lists change, and homeowners alter their priorities for a number of reasons throughout the year. When you take the time to improve your home’s aesthetic and functionality, there are a few steps you can take to put an

How to Start Thinking About New Floors For The Home

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Spring & summer may bring about feelings of new desires and change in the home. Especially as the seasons change, you really notice the wear and tear brought about on your floors, steps, carpets, and tile throughout the home over time. Nice weather makes you want to have things clean, fresh, and tidy in the

Communication: The Most Important Aspect Of Your Construction Project

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When homeowners choose to make changes to the home, it’s a big decision that takes time. Whether looking into renovating, remodeling, adding additions, or painting, restoring, or replacing floors, the decision to do so requires planning, budgeting, and sifting through the many details. Homeowners want to be sure their investments will benefit them, and they

WORKS Enhances Safety and Beauty of a Deck

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Even a contemporary home that is less than 20 years old may have a weak spot, and for an Essex, Massachusetts, home that weakness was the deck. While most new decks today are built with treated lumber, maintenance and repair are still needed...

Does Your Roof Have These 5 Problems? Contact WORKS.

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Especially on the North Shore of Boston, roofs are vulnerable to wind, rain, snow, ice, and damage from overhanging trees. Most roofs need repairs because of these 5 problems: 1. Improper or failed flashing. Some estimates state that 90% or more of roof...