The WORKS Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning

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Every homeowner is concerned with spring cleaning as the season approaches, and everyone has a different idea of spring cleaning. No matter what level of spring cleaning you’re used to, you can base this year’s cleaning off our checklist. Instead of frantically tackling projects and forgetting to finish them, our checklist will help you stay

Bathroom Upgrades with Spring in Mind

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The bathroom is a place in the home to unwind, relax, and pamper. It’s a space in the home you want to be comfortable, calming, and beautiful. During the spring, you can plan bathroom renovations that will bring color and light into your home. Whether you enjoy a spa bathroom with a master bath, or

How to Remodel for a Spa Bathroom

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  If you’ve always wanted to remodel for a spa bathroom, we’ve made this blog to help you. There are so many options and ways to go about bathroom remodeling. Read on to learn how to create a room in your home made for true relaxation. When most people choose to remodel their bathroom, it’s

WORKS Creates Handicapped Accessible Bathroom

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From the outside, the home in Beverly, Massachusetts, was perfect: a two-story, two-car garage house in a neighborhood of beautiful homes. But inside, one of the bathrooms was far from meeting the homeowner’s expectations and needs. It was a large...

Beautiful Bathrooms in Small Spaces: a WORKS Specialty

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When you have a house that’s over 75 years old, you don’t expect modern ideas of size. If you don’t want an addition, how do you expand the master bathroom to meet modern standards? WORKS used several space-gaining techniques in the master ...

Bathroom Renovation in Beverly, Massachusetts

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If cleanliness is next to godliness, then WORKS has to be somewhere near the start of the line. Let me give you an example to explain why. Close to the water in Beverly, Massachusetts, is a lovely three-bedroom contemporary home. We were asked to...

Working Together on a Home Renovation in Beverly, MA

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What exactly do general contractors do? I like to think of my job in part as the conductor of the orchestra. But instead of making sure that the trombones don’t drown out the violins and the snare drum comes in on cue, a general contractor makes sure that...

Bathroom Remodel in Danvers, Massachusetts

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The owners of a home in Danvers wanted and needed a bathroom remodel. The homeowners had noticed water damage; our investigation revealed both mold and wood rot issues. This particular bathroom included a changing room that opened to...