The Process of Working With a Contractor

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Working with a contractor to complete additions, renovations, or new home builds is a process that is often unfamiliar to homeowners and homebuyers alike. Maybe you’ve never taken the steps toward drastic home improvement, and you’ve finally set aside time to work on the home.  Maybe you’re renovating a home to move into, or you’re

Taking An Original Spin On Your Home Improvement Projects

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Every year, homeowners assess their homes and decide what home improvement projects they want to tackle. These lists change, and homeowners alter their priorities for a number of reasons throughout the year. When you take the time to improve your home’s aesthetic and functionality, there are a few steps you can take to put an

April Additions To The Home

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Have you been considering adding an addition to your home lately? April is a great time to begin your addition as the weather is finally improving. When everything starts to warm up, you’ll realize it’s an easy and convenient time to add the space you’ve been dreaming of. There are many additions that homeowners specifically

Lifestyle Transitions Call For Additions To The Home

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Recognizing that you need to make the home bigger can come about in many ways. When the home is too small, it feels like you don’t have enough space for all of your things, and you can’t keep organized, you may need more space. Some families decide they want their in-laws to come to live

How to Create a Functional Home Office

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Working from home is a great advantage. Many homeowners who decide to remodel or renovate for a home office are pleased when they’re finally able to work from home. Maybe you’ve always wanted a home office and the ability for a more relaxed work schedule. If your lifestyle depends on working from home, maybe you

How to Add a Mudroom to Your Home Before This Winter

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  Many homes in New England have mudrooms at the entrance of their homes. Mudrooms are semi-separate rooms from the main living space of a home in which people store outdoor equipment, hang coats, and store shoes. When family and friends come in from the cold, harsh weather, it’s nice to have a room that

WORKS Makes Accessory Apartments Happen: From Permit to Cleanup

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Many New England communities have become more flexible over the years about allowing accessory apartments (also known as in-law or family apartments). Before you plan to expand your home with an accessory apartment, make sure you speak with...

7 Questions to Ask Before Building an Addition

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An addition adds square footage, architectural interest and value to your home. It is also a major commitment. As a long-time general contractor, I recommend that you ask yourself these questions before you begin on an addition project...