How to Create a Functional Home Office

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Working from home is a great advantage. Many homeowners who decide to remodel or renovate for a home office are pleased when they’re finally able to work from home. Maybe you’ve always wanted a home office and the ability for a more relaxed work schedule. If your lifestyle depends on working from home, maybe you

How to Add a Mudroom to Your Home Before This Winter

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  Many homes in New England have mudrooms at the entrance of their homes. Mudrooms are semi-separate rooms from the main living space of a home in which people store outdoor equipment, hang coats, and store shoes. When family and friends come in from the cold, harsh weather, it’s nice to have a room that

WORKS Makes Accessory Apartments Happen: From Permit to Cleanup

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Many New England communities have become more flexible over the years about allowing accessory apartments (also known as in-law or family apartments). Before you plan to expand your home with an accessory apartment, make sure you speak with...

7 Questions to Ask Before Building an Addition

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An addition adds square footage, architectural interest and value to your home. It is also a major commitment. As a long-time general contractor, I recommend that you ask yourself these questions before you begin on an addition project...