Building Better Client Experiences

Here at Works By JD, we’re always striving to enhance our customer experience. Part of that effort includes giving our employees the continued training and resources they need to grow and develop as professionals. Our most recent training was a seminar with David Lupberger of Remodel Force on client relationships.

Drawing on over two decades of experience in small business, David helps contractors develop effective business systems which improve the level of service for clients. David fervently believes that the best customer service only comes when a small business can deliver consistent results. To achieve this, he affirms that businesses need to have the right systems in place and adopt a relationship-driven business model, working with clients in a consultative relationship to assist them with managing their largest asset, their home.

From elated to frantic and back again, a remodeling project can be a stressful, emotional roller coaster for a homeowner. During the presentation, David taught ways in which our skill, professionalism, and patience should be used to come out of the remodeling experience with happy homeowners. David stressed that, “Clear communication isn’t by accident. It happens when project details are shared with everyone. Because of the diverse group of people involved with our projects, we need to make sure that the homeowner, trade contractor, and supplier are all ‘on the same page’.”

David’s message about clear communication and emphasis on client relationships echos our own motto: “We build trust, we build relationships, we build houses.” Our team always endeavors to earn client trust and establish community credibility through our consistency, honesty, and accountability because we’re not just building houses, we’re building relationships.

With David’s advice, the team at Works will be able to approach all of our customer interactions with effective tools for stronger communication. We hope that by bringing proactive strategies and better understanding to our work, we can take our customer experience to a whole new level.

We’re grateful for the time and information that David shared with us. His visit has left a strong impression and our team apparently made an impression on him, as well. 

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About the Author:

Jesse DeBenedictis started his first company in the eighth grade, gardening and landscaping for local families. A few years after college, he realized that construction, from digging foundations to designing custom carpentry, was his first love and he founded WORKS. He says, "As a general contractor and a leader, you have to be constantly creative and on your toes." He brings that creativity, experience, and commitment to every job on Boston's North Shore.