Tackling Patios, Decks, & Rot Repair Before The Fall Season

August 5, 2019

As summer is winding down, and you’re spending your last days outdoors in the sunshine, you’re likely enjoying your time off. The kids are still out of school, your family is all together, and you’re able to spend time at home when you’re not partaking in summer activities.

When you’re spending more time in the yard, you may be noticing some elements of the home and yard needs serious work. This is very important to get done before the Fall sets in.

As you look around you, you may notice your patio, deck, pathways, doorways, or exterior home elements aren’t looking so healthy anymore. 

Noticing Elements of the Home’s Exterior Falling to the Wayside

You may notice bricks falling out of place, paint chipping, cracks in the patio, and potentially wood rot in and under the deck. This is normal.

Over time, these elements of the home’s exterior require certain updates and maintenance.

See how WORKS can help you with exterior home maintenance so you can enjoy your yard to its fullest extent with the time you have left this season.

Repairing these things now will save you the headache in the future!

Rot & Restoration Services Can Help

This is arguably our most needed home exterior service of our clients at WORKS. Decks, patios, and home exteriors often suffer from rot and need help to restore.

WORKS can come to your home, identify the source of your rot problem in your wooden deck, and control the damage completely. We prevent rot from reoccurring in these situations, and work to help you preserve the uniqueness of the exterior elements of your home. 

No matter what we’re working on, we will respect your budget, time, and peace of mind throughout the duration of the project. 

worksbyjd services decks

Masonry Work to Hold Up to the Test of Time

You may need masonry work on your patio, pathways, or front and back steps to the entrances of your home. It is especially important that masonry work in New England is done right.

With the swings in weather that we experience coupled with intense hot and cold seasons, poor masonry work can create big problems. 

This is often why homeowners notice their patios and pathways breaking, faltering, and cracking, even sometimes shortly after the work has been completed.

WORKS uses concrete that is appropriate for our climate, and we make sure that all work is reinforced to hold up to the test of time.

WORKS uses materials that last. This means that though general upkeep is required (a power wash between seasons, shoveling so the weight of snow does not damage deck), you won’t have to deal with intense updates and restorations every year. WORKS constructs decks, patios, porches, and walkways with the newest, most reliable, long-lasting materials. 

Deck at WORKS by JD Construction in Beverly, MA

Getting Work Done Before The Fall Sets In 

We cannot stress enough that this work should get done BEFORE the Fall seasons sets in! You won’t have the option to fix these things up before the winter comes, and the winter will likely worsen these breakages or damages. After the Winter and by the time next season rolls around, you will want things on point without having to wait for them to be done.

You’ll be happy you handle these home improvements now! We are happy to assist our clients in choosing the right materials and guide them as needed throughout projects. Reach out to us and let’s chat.