Property Maintenance Services For Your Home or Second Home

September 23, 2019

Over time, the home will require work and upkeep to run smoothly. With a second home away from your primary home, you may worry about your other property, upkeep, and work that needs to be done over time.

WORKS offers property maintenance services to take care of everything in your home, foundation to chimney. We know there’s so much to be done, and with the weather in the New England region, we know emergencies happen and damages occur. Read on to see how you can get WORKS on your side, and how we can be there for you no matter what your property requires.

How Our Property Maintenance Service Works

We begin by thoroughly assessing your primary or second home, outside and in. At a one-hour consultation with you, we share our findings and learn your own goals and objectives. Together we establish priorities and the services that WORKS will deliver for one cost-effective annual fee.

Seasonal Chores & Emergency Preparedness

When you have WORKS on your side, we ensure your home is able to endure intense weather conditions. As the seasons change, we’re constantly checking up on your roof, siding, windows, doors, and home exterior. This allows you to be comfortable and confident that everything is up to date in the home, and you’re safe in the occurrence of bad weather. Nothing is worse than a leaking roof, a clogged gutter, or a flooding basement should a rain storm occur. When the snow season sets in, you can expect WORKS to handle snow removal and safety. 

When Damage Occurs, We’re There To Help

When you notice damage, breakages, rot, mold, or a need for repair or restoration, WORKS is there for you with our property maintenance services. Emergency or scheduled repairs, we are your trusted help, waiting by the phone for your calls. Homeowners find comfort in this service mainly for the security of having that on-call help. 

A Schedule That Suits Your Lifestyle

We set up a schedule for chores, maintenance and repairs to suit your lifestyle. Our team finds it  important to coordinate with your schedule, and put in the work on your home at a day and time that’s convenient for you. 

Your frustration with home maintenance, repairs and seasonal chores ends now. Reach out to the WORKS team and schedule your home consultation now before the fall season sets in. Whether you’re considering our property maintenance service for your primary home or your second home, we can do it all. We’ll devise a plan that works best for you, with your specific needs and priorities in mind. Let’s get your home on a routine so appearance and functionality stay on point all year long.