WORKS Collaborates with Architects and Designers

August 16, 2019

At WORKS, we’re always communicating with architects and designers, and collaborating on different types of projects.

Whether the architect or designer is appointed by the homeowner, or our services are sought out by architects and designers themselves, we’re always happy to work together, learn from each other, and grow together with each project. 

As an architect or interior designer, you want a general contractor you can trust with your clients and vision. WORKS is your partner in bringing your vision to life and bringing joy and satisfaction to your clients.

We know the detail, communication, and hard work it takes for a successful project, and we don’t stop until we exceed expectations. 

Close Up of Kitchen Island with Bright Colors

Whether your vision includes customized cabinetry, intense design,  or a historic home renovation, we have the skills necessary to work with you.

Whether the scope of your architectural or interior design project extends to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, we can handle projects of any size. 

WORKS by JD additions and renovations

When working with architects and designers, we specialize in:

  • –Understanding construction documents
  • -Ensuring solid, superior construction, from the chimney to foundation, inside and out
  • -Handcrafting the finest details, from the curve of a balustrade to an ornamental cornice
  • -Optimizing materials, time and budget for each project
  • -Respecting your client relationship
  • -Keeping you fully informed and respond promptly to queries

Clients in the North Shore area include architects and interior designers who recognize our high standards. Our contribution to their projects speaks for itself, and pushes them to return to us time after time.

We are the only fully licensed contractor in the region who offers Buildertrend, an online tool specifically designed for managing projects.

Buildertrend keeps you informed of onsite progress through daily postings and photos from the WORKS team; allows you to raise and answer questions before small matters become crises; and provides a clear record that can be accessed at any time.

The WORKS team is ready to help you lift your project off paper and into the real world. If your a designer, architect, or homeowner looking for a contractor to work with your designers or architects, we’re here to help. Contact us for questions and inquiries about your next project.