The Concierge Service at WORKS is a project management service for residential property owners, for anything from upkeep to logistics of the home. If you simply don’t have the time or desire to manage your properties North of Boston, reach out to WORKS for a free assessment.

Concierge Service Details:

Receive the direct email of a Concierge for any property related questions with guaranteed response within one business day.


Annual Assessments

The Concierge walks through each property with the owner to discuss areas of the home that may need to be addressed (painting, tree work, etc.)

WORKS Priority

As a member of the Concierge, receive priority when it comes to scheduling projects and maintenance. Your Concierge will ensure your project gets complete and stays within the scope of work.


Your Concierge can refer you to one of our affiliate contractors or retailers best fit for your project.


Receive discounts on services at WORKS and various products from our affiliate. Project Management services at WORKS are $75/hr for members of The Concierge (scope projects, identify contractors, oversee projects, review bills). 


Become a Member!

If you’re a landlord, residential property owner, or property management company, you may become a member of The Concierge. Interested in becoming a member? Please contact WORKS directly.


Become an Affiliate!

If you’re a contractor or retailer, site work, arborist, interior designer, plumber, or realtor, you may become an affiliate of The Concierge. Contact WORKS to inquire directly.