Do you have references you can give me?

We are proud of the many testimonials—and referrals—that WORKS has received from our clients. Go to our testimonials page or visit our YouTube channel to see more.

 How much work is subbed out versus in-house?

WORKS is unique in the depth and breadth of knowledge within our own team. The team includes, carpenters, painters, builders and designers who have worked together for years, therefore, we can handle most work in-house. We subcontract jobs that require special licensing such as plumbing, electrical or specialized skills like roofing and masonry. Due to the number of years we’ve worked with our subcontractors, we consider them part of the WORKS team. That means you, the customer, are assured of the highest level of efficiency, with clear lines of responsibility and communication.

 How do you maintain the quality of a subcontractor’s work?

Due to our long-term relationships with our subcontractors, they know what we expect and in return, we know they will meet our expectations. In addition, our subcontractors are fully licensed, able to work as a member of the WORKS team and dedicated to providing the same high-level of quality that our clients identify with WORKS.

 Can I trust your employees in my home?

Every employee of WORKS undergoes a background check before being hired. Additionally, the on-site supervisor of a project has longevity with WORKS and they are always in charge of the job site. The on-site supervisor will make sure that the team obeys the rules and guidelines set by WORKS, from arriving on time, to not smoking on the job site, as well as cleaning up carefully and properly at the end of the workday.

 What happens if something fails after you leave? Will you fix it?

Our reputation is important to us and we do not tolerate below-par results from our team. If something fails after we leave and it is our error, we will fix it, no question. In addition, with each job WORKS provides a 5-year warranty upon completion.

 Are you licensed and insured for construction in this state and are all your subcontractors licensed and insured as well? What happens if someone is injured in my home? What happens if unexpected damage occurs in my home?

WORKS is fully licensed by the state of Massachusetts (# CS 91245 and HIC # 178604), fully insured and includes workers’ compensation. The subcontractors we work with are also fully insured and licensed. If an injury to one of our employees happens in your home, our insurance covers them. If we cause damage, we will fix it. For example, if we are working upstairs and mistakenly damage the banister or wall as we carry tools up and down, we will fully repair the damage.

 How do I know if WORKS’ pricing is competitive and I am getting good value for my remodeling dollars?

With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, WORKS can advise you on the most cost-effective way to deliver the remodel, new build or renovation that you want. Overall, we fall in the median price range for licensed and insured building contractors on the North Shore of Boston. Because WORKS does it right, you are spared the cost of re-doing a poor, unprofessional job – quality is a value that is priceless.

 You can check out the ranges for various construction projects in your area by downloading our WORKS Cost & Value document here.