Business Values

Customer Service

Customer service is very important to us at WORKS because everything in life is all about communication. This rings true with construction, as we communicate daily with our team and clients. The importance of clear, thorough communication is ever-prominent in this field.

All communication at WORKS is done through our Client Portal. We start with conversations with figuring into the portal, once we move into the Project Planning Service. This way, clients receive all communications from the team and sub contractors in one convenient place. Clients know exactly where to go and what to do if they have questions. We also manage the schedule from our Client Portal, and the team uploads photos and brief write-up descriptions on the job. Our Client Portal is also where we produce our invoices and change orders through here, as having all communication through one channel has proven efficiency at WORKS. This project management tool truly helps everyone stay on top of what is happening on site.

Use of Quality Materials
& Organized Execution

We only use high-quality materials at WORKS and won’t settle for anything less. “Good Enough” is not in our vocabulary.

Our methods are modern and organized, as we have processes for everything we do. From scope of work, set up on the site, safety, demolition, framing, all of our subcontractors, insulation, painting on the interior and exterior and everything in between, we have a formulated system that allows our team to stay on track.

We work with multitude of decorators, designers, architects, all with a strong focus on your needs and input. We have an extremely talented team here to support you, and our #1 one goal is to exceed your expectations.

Communication & Planning

We believe that planning is the most important part of any project. We start with reviewing your budget needs, then we visit to review the Project Planning Service, where we get the numbers organized to meet your needs before we make a contract. Once we decide on details, like materials, scope, etc, we assign our lead carpenter to manage your job.

We focus on your project to get it done within the timeline, budget and the quality of work. WORKS holds our team accountable to produce the results of your project. We have inspections at every point of action, and we value doing things right. This is why we have a five year warranty on our craftsmanship, and it’s also why we continue to have repeat clients over and over again. We love what we do here because we chose this as a career, not just a job.